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The next revolution in single-cell analysis is focused on the (epi)genome. Where the genome is largely a static entity, the epigenome is responsible for the regulation of genes and therefore very dynamic. Chemical modifications of DNA and the histones the DNA is wrapped around, alter the structure of the chromatin (the DNA-histone complex). This can change the accessibility of DNA regions that affect the activity of genes.

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Single-cell sequencing to unravel the underlying mechanisms of tumor development and drug resistance

Especially in cancer, acquired genetic alterations due to carcinogenic exposure and DNA replication infidelity play a key role in its initiation. As the tumor grows, these alterations lead to clones of the tumor with distinct genetic alterations (such as SNVs, CNVs and indels). This heterogeneity within the tumor is vital to tumor development, proliferation and metastatic potential. Furthermore, heterogeneity within the tumor plays a key role in therapy resistance. Investigating the (epi)genome of single cells is therefore important to understand heterogeneity within the tumor.

In recent years many novel sequencing technologies have been established in the research groups of Alexander van Oudenaarden and Geert Kops. These new technologies enable the quantification of the heterogeneity mentioned earlier. To make this technology widely available, Single-Cell Core was launched in September 2020. This facility offers a series of state-of-the-art single-cell genome sequencing technologies (scWGS, scChIC-seq and scKaryo-seq). Single-Cell Core, made possible by the Oncode Institute, will lower the barrier for researchers to perform these experiments, which require high technical expertise. This will enable researchers to access (epi)genomic detection in single cells.

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Interested in RNA-seq?

At this moment, Single-Cell Core focuses on (epi)genomic sequencing technologies. By the end of 2021, the facility aims to add more different technologies to its repertoire, allowing researchers to explore even more aspects of the (epi)genome and transcriptome.

Therefore we advise you to contact Single Cell Discoveries (SCD) for transcriptome-related research. SCD offers a variety of methods ranging from 3′ mRNA sequencing to full-length total RNA sequencing.

Interested in doing larger numbers of cells? SCD also offers 10X microfluidic solutions.

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The fast and reliable production of high-quality single-cell libraries by Single-Cell Core, combined with their approachability, really helps us to bring our research projects to the next level

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Prinses Máxima Centrum, Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Our advisory board

Together, Prof. dr. ir. Alexander Van Oudenaarden and Prof. dr. Geert Kops shaped and initiated Single-Cell Core. As experts in the field of single-cell sequencing, they provide the facility with state-of-the-art NGS technologies, allowing the facility to follow research trends and help researchers explore their samples in more depth.


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Single-Cell Core is funded by the Oncode Institute and located within the KNAW Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht.