Single-cell data analysis

After preparing and sequencing your samples, the obtained data will undergo standard processing. The following set of files will be sent to you:

  • FASTQ (the raw reads from the Illumina sequencing platform)
  • BAM (the aligned reads)
  • Count table (for further analysis in R)

As the interpretation of single-cell DNA data is complicated and there are few well-established analysis tools/packages available, we would like to offer the necessary tools to analyze your samples.

This custom analysis will be performed by a bioinformatician with at least a PhD level of experience, at an hourly rate. As these bioinformaticians are self-employed (zzp), Single-Cell Core merely provides the initial connection with the supportive bioinformatician.

At € 150/hour*

* excluding VAT

Single-cell data analysis

Need help with your data analysis, statistics or figure design? Let Single-Cell Core link you to a highly trained bioinformatician.

  • No data analysis expertise required
  • An hourly rate over fixed prices
  • Working side-by-side to find the biological relevance you are looking for


Hourly rate


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