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Supporting researchers with DNA analysis at the level of individual cells, both for genomic DNA sequencing as well as epigenetic measurements



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Single-cell data analysis

Have your data analyzed by an expert? Get help from a bioinformatician connected to our facility.

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Providing single-cell sequencing technologies to the world

The next revolution in single-cell analysis is focused on the (epi)genome. Where the genome is largely a static entity, the epigenome is responsible for the regulation of the genes and therefore very dynamic. Chemical modifications of DNA and the histones the DNA is wrapped around, alter the structure of the chromatin (the DNA-histone complex). This can change the accessibility of DNA regions that affect the activity of genes.

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Low-cost single-cell sequencing

As an Oncode Institute-funded facility, Single-Cell Core offers state-of-the-art single-cell sequencing technologies. Our goal is to make these technologies accessible to the research community.

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  • State-of-the-art single-cell sequencing technologies
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  • Automated mapping and trimming of your data